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Stella is very positive and warm person. Always having a smile on her face. She calm me and help me relax before we start the healing and reading. She listen and assess what I needed. Through the meditation and healing I releases the pain and anger and cleanse it. After our session I was smiling and feeling happiness in me. I was relieved and having goosebumps in my arms. Thank you Stella for a wonderful session

- William
my visit to you dear Stella was truly a magical experience for me.. it taught me to trust in our energies and how effective it actually is..it s like we know it s there but we actually don't trust it but thanks to you we can know how to make good use of it..

- Farah
Stella came highly recommended by a very good friend who has been seeing her for years. Stella\'s energy was beautiful and I connected with it straight away. I had an Angel reading which was just perfect for me at that time, the messages confirmed what I needed to hear and it gave me comfort at a time I really needed it. Sometimes we just need that extra bit of love and light to fill our hearts and remind us everything is working out just as it is meant to be! Thank you xx

- Kay
I have known Stella for almost 3 years now; in this time, I have taken her Angel Therapy course, done the Art Therapy and numerous readings. I keep coming back to her, because of her warm and loving energy and the positive effect of the work she does. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the work we have done together and have benefitted from the messages and the interactions.

- Cici
It is always transformative and totally fun to meet Stella... Her positive energy uplifts you quickly and you can find an answer to each of your questions with a warm smile..Especially after Reiki sessions you will have the best sleep you ever had :)) Thanks for everything my dear Stella..

- Basak
I am so grateful for meeting you sweet, lovely Stella. My last visit with you was extremely healing for me! You were able to completely take me under your angel wings and help me with your words of wisdom. This was not why I came to you, but instead of going ahead with our Reiki follow up, you were so tuned in and knew exactly what I needed. The angels spoke both through you and me, a truly Godly experience. I feel very blessed to know you! Love always Lina

- Lina Mansson Al Nusif
\"I originally met Stella at a holotropic breathwork course and was impressed by the love and warmth she naturally radiated. I have since had several reiki sessions and consultations with her. I\'ve gone to her with many of my life questions, searching for the right path. I am stunned by her ability to cut straight to the point. Her own natural wisdom is always so pertinent, but her intuitions that come from above also give me such great guidance. I find that her advice resonates with the truth that is usually hidden somewhere deep inside me. And acting upon her advice in my life going forward has always produced great results. That\'s why I keep going back. (Elizabeth Hackford - Tokyo)\"

- Elizabeth Hackford
Hi, Just wanted to say that i recently had a cord cutting session done with Stella. what i liked the most about my session was that Stella has a very calming and peaceful energy.She genuinely wants to help and likes to get to the core of the issue. I for sure have been feeling much better after the session. With Stella , atleast u know that you are in good hands and guided towards a very positive approach. Keep up the great work! thanks zoha

- zoha