A session of bodywork involves the practitioner helping the client release pain or trauma that may be held in the cellular memory of the client’s body. Through focused intention, the use of the breath, and energy work, Stella uses various techniques to help her clients gain insights into where the blockages or traumas in their bodies may have originated. Traumas may have come from acts of omission (where perhaps one was neglected to be given the love and nurturance that they needed as a child) or acts of comission (a form of abuse whether physical or emotional). Accessing these traumas and releasing their energy from the body, allows the client to gain a greater sense of understanding of the situation, which then can bring about a sense of compassion for oneself and forgiveness to him or herself and the other parties involved.  This can bring about a great sense of wellbeing and peace.

Bodywork can help release blockages that could be holding you back in life such as:

  • Trauma from childhood
  • Past life issues
  • Causes of physical ailments or pain
  • Causes of anxiety or emotional distress

*A Bodywork session is 90 minutes.