Spiritual Counseling

As hopeless and confused as you may be feeling at this time do you realize this is exactly where you are meant to be? Yes really!  This is called perfect Divine timing! Everything in your life is happening at the perfect time for your soul’s growth and awakening! One’s greatest catalyst for transformation can occur at one’s darkest nights of their soul.  I can help you embrace the shift! You are here to wake up, to remember the truth of who you really are, and to give of the unique gifts and talents that are your true Divine purpose! When you activate this giving, ‘all’ that you are seeking from the outside world (job, relationship, money, healing) will be given to you.

Are you:

  • Feeling lost, confused, or unable to connect with your purpose?
  • Struggling in, or transitioning out of, a painful or confusing relationship?
  • Stagnating in a job that does not allow for the expression of your gifts and talents?
  • Challenged with caring for yourself physically, emotionally, or financially?
  • Stuck in feelings of fear, unworthiness, lack or limitation?

Stella offer’s Spiritual Counseling to help in various  areas of life:

  • Personal development and releasing blocks that may be holding you back
  • Ego vs Self issues, issues with setting boundaries. 
  • Your Primary Life Lessons and challenges, your strengths and weaknesses in this lifetime.
  • Understanding traumatic events and transforming their negative energy into positive power.
  • Family of origin issues and soul contracts
  • Helping you to connect with your Spiritual support group, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors, and other beings of light.
  • Career issues and your true purpose
  • Spiritual Emergency and understanding mystical experiences

Stella is here to help those that choose to step into their truth and transform. Her own journey from Spiritual Emergency to transformation and her true desire to assist others can help you heal and grow spiritually.