Spontaneous Painting

The technique of using art in a spontaneous fashion increases one’s intellectual, creative, and spiritual development.  It can be used as a self-discovery process to help the participant develop their creative personality.  We are creative human beings, and in each one of us is the desire to unleash and express our deepest yearnings. The canvas or paper is the mirror for your psyche to express what it most desires or wants to reveal to you at that time. This process benefits artists as well as anyone who may not have any artistic background, but just a desire to unleash and express their artistic creativity.

As a tool for therapy, spontaneous painting also allows the psyche to access our body’s cellular memory. Through symbolic imagery onto the canvas or paper our own inner healer may reveal issues or traumas that may be most necessary at this time for deep healing and transformation.  Through this process participants gain greater insight into their soul’s deepest desires, life purpose, and awaken or deepen their connection to Spirit.

When our subconscious is allowed to ‘play’ and not controlled by our rational mind we can develop our intuition, emotional intelligence, heal our past, and release blocks that may be holding us back in life.

The process:

The participant is lead through a guided meditation for the ‘topic of the day’ and then with the use of different art mediums, paint, clay or collage, the participant allows their own inner healer to ‘take charge’ and reveal what is most up, or necessary for them to see at this time.  Followed by a guided post expression visualization, and sharing your experience for integration.

Spontaneous painting is revealing, healing, joyous and fun!