My first channeled message

Dear All,

Welcome to Angel Messages by Stella's blog.  As this is the first post in my new blog I have decided to share with you all a very special message that I channeled on 31 August, 2009. I had previously channeled messages from the Angels for myself and others' by meditating and setting the intention to receive answers.  My very first message from the Angels was during an angel workshop in May 2007. It was: "One day you will see the Light of Life, he will pass on wisdom and words for you to share with your friends and loved ones. He is love, and he grows within us." I was amazed and so grateful to have received this message. I knew that these were not 'my' words, but came from the angels.  I then continued to channel messages of guidance for myself, and friends and then clients.  On 31 August, 2009 I was sitting at my desk and this 'energy' this force appeared in front of me and through thought transmission asked me to write.  The energy was so powerful that I couldn't resist and started writing what I was hearing. This was that message:

Message to all people :   As channeled by Stella Maria  

I speak through you Stella, I am Jesus.

You will find that we can communicate like this better than before.

You feel me in you, and you hear me too. My voice comes through you.

Live in love, live in peace, my words for all will be the same.

 Feel peace in your hearts and soon it shall be.

 For without peace in your hearts nothing shall cease.

 The world awaits people who will heal the world.

 The world awaits all those who are real.

 Real from your hearts, and real from your souls.

 To better this planet, and free your souls.

The time is now, the time is here.

 Don’t wait for the future, your time is here.

 We ask that you write, so others can read the messages from God, and Jesus and Me.

* I was surprised by the last word of ‘Me’ and the inclusion of ‘God’ in the message...so I asked “Who is ‘Me’?’’ I heard the answer...‘’The Holy Spirit’’.  So I asked if I was truly receiving this message from God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit? and was told  “Yes…We are One’’.

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