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Welcome to Angel Messages by StellaHave you asked your angels for help today? Did you even know that you have guardian angels to help you every day!

Stella is here to help you connect with your angels and deepen your connection with God. To let you know about her story and that there is always hope in your life. There may be times when you are faced with challenges. It’s important not to feel overwhelmed, but to take it one step at a time and truly know that God and your angels are there to guide you. They want to help you live a happier more serene and peaceful life.

It is important to maintain a sense of balance in all areas of one's life. The mind, body, emotional and spiritual self. A balanced life is a life that brings about joy, peace, serenity, and is one that can easily handle life's challenges.

There may be times when you feel disconnected and are in need of some support and want to reach out to connect with Spirit. Simply close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths into your heart. Feel your heart open more and more with each breath you take. Your breath is 'Spirit' moving through you. The more you breathe, the more you stay connected to Spirit. Just know that you are never disconnected, all you need to do is 'breathe'.

We know there is a God, and that there are angels. Stella has had direct communication with them and is grateful for this. It has allowed her to have absolute faith, and to live her life without fear. She has had many mystical experiences and as such is writing a book so that she may be able to share these with the world.

Stella offers various healing modalities to inspire, transform and liberate your life.

Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy
Our angels are willing to help us in all areas of our lives. Angels are messengers from God...


Angel Therapy
Mediumship is the practice of communicating with the spirit world. It can be deceased...

Angel Reiki Healing

Angel Therapy
Reiki or energy healing, is a hands on (or off sometimes) healing method that has been...

Holotropic Breathwork

Angel Therapy
Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful self-healing breathing technique developed by...

Spontaneous Painting

Angel Therapy
The technique of using art in a spontaneous fashion increases one’s intellectual, creative...

Spiritual Counseling

Angel Therapy
As hopeless and confused as you may be feeling at this time do you realize this is exactly...


Angel Therapy
A session of bodywork involves the practitioner helping the client release pain or trauma...

Workshops and Courses

Angel Therapy
Stella teaches and facilitates various workshops and courses to help you heal and grow...

Private Events

Angel Therapy
Stella is available to teach workshops for private groups or events and also available...